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For Individuals

Research into computer games has revealed that players demonstrate amazing cognitive abilities, high levels of creativity, supreme tenacity, and laser like focus. MeridianXP has applied this research in creating the Apogee Programme which uncovers and enhances an individual's latent abilities in order to reach their full potential.

For Teams

A team should be something that nurtures and supports the individual, whilst coordinating them to solve a shared problem. After working with each individual MeridianXP uses unique techniques and strategies to leverage these collective powerhouses to sustainably perform at higher and higher levels

For a Brighter Future

MeridianXP recognises that human beings need to feel that they contribute to a wider cause in order to be happier individuals. We are therefore working tirelessly to create services and products that will help move people forwards, on an individual as well as business level. Research is showing that people have so much untapped potential to transform their lives, and the lives of those around them. We will show you where that potential resides, and how to consistently unleash it!