About Us

Did you know that 37% of working British adults say their job is not making a meaningful contribution to the world? Or that employee disengagement costs the UK economy £340bn annually? Or that this is not just an issue in the UK, and that only 15% of employees worldwide say that they are engaged in their jobs?

MeridianXP was founded to tackle these issues. Its mission is to help companies and individuals to find their true potential and to excel in everything that they do. It does this by utlising current academic research into the psychology of games development, where it has been shown that human beings willingly work hard at solving a diverse range of problems. Depending on the context of the game, a player can adapt themselves to any situation and become more than compentent in solving the problems that they face.

MeridianXP takes what the games industry knows very well when motivating players, and brings it into the non-gaming context of the workplace. By making use of our Apogee Programme we transform approaches, strategies, and processes to leverage massive positive change.

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